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November Letters

November 28, 2011

haha I feel the same way sometimes mom...the same way!

Haha I don’t even know what to say...I only have 2 more emails’s crazy!

Thanksgiving was good. We woke up and exercised like normal and then we made cookies for all the families we were eating with that day. Then at 11 a.m., I went and did a baptismal interview and then went and took care of an elder that was sick with food poisoning (the worst day ever to have food poisoning). At 3 we went up to Pres Lopez’s house and ate with him. It was half American and half Puerto Rican food (that is where he is from). It was way nice. After that we went to the house of the 1st counselor in the BP house to eat with him and all his family. Then, we went and picked up food from another family’s house and then we went home and died haha. It was a fun day. Definitely a great way to go out, I guess you could say haha.

I had my 2nd ever temple recommend interview yesterday with Pres Clayton. It was way cool and very spiritual. Also, yesterday was my last zone conference. I got the opportunity to teach for 45 minutes and I decided to teach about what it means to be a representative of Jesus Christ. President Clayton said, in the interview, that it was great and he then told me I would be a great leader in the kingdom. Then he paused, and said he had other questions he really wanted to ask me at that time, but he would wait till my departure interview. I asked him about how we should do the pick up on the 20th and what we are going to do is meet at our stake center (because I want yall to see a super nice church building that isn’t in Utah haha) at 8 and then he said to continue to be a missionary with dad as my comp. But he said we were free to roam around the mission and sight see and see people. GET EXCITED!!!

So yeah...that’s about it! Thanks for everything that you do!!!! I LOVE YOU! AND I’LL SEE YOU IN 3 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!


November 21, 2011 much has happened this week, it’s hard to put it all in words.

Like I said, this has been one crazy week. A lot of stuff has happened. I’ll start with last Thursday.

Experience #1) So last week. I got a call from a missionary that works at the YSA wards at SDSU telling me that they had been invited to do a presentation in a World Religions class at SDSU. I told him congrats and to have fun with that. (Teaching about the church in front of 200 college students) He started laughing and told me they had an appt during the presentation as well and so they needed to go on exchanges with us to do both To make a long story short, last Thursday (11/17) me and another missionary gave a 1 and half hour presentation on the church in front of over 200 college students in an auditorium. It was crazy! How many missionaries get to do that. I mean you hear stories about it all the time, but you never actually think it will happen. But it did. We made a slide show presentation (I attached it to the email so you can look at it). It was awesome. The slide show lasted about 45 minutes and the other 45 minutes we left open for questions. And it actually took the entire class. It was so cool! The questions ranged from what is the process to go on a mission to is the church racist against black people to what happens after we die. And everything in between. A senior missionary came with us and he told us that we did a great job! We brought a box of BoMs with us as well and invited people to learn more. We gave away almost the entire box of BoMs. 20-30 people took one which is pretty cool! It was an awesome experience!
Awesome Experience #2) I had a baptism at the MCRD on Sunday! My first one since being back. It was pretty awesome! Just like the times before, the recruit came up to me and asked how he could be a member of the church. It was cool. I’ve been praying a lot for a baptism there. Not just for me, but to help the recruits there and God blessed me with it. It was awesome! He was so excited afterwards. I confirmed him a member and then his friend (who has been a member for a month) ordained him a priest and he is passing the sacrament on Sunday. AWESOME!
Awesome Experience #3) Just happened today. It was actually in an email Pres Clayton sent me (usually the mission president doesn't email his missionaries out of no where). This is what it said, "Elder Little,. Thanks for your continued good work. I'd like to challenge you to put up your best key indicator weeks ever, these last few weeks! Deal? Last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter! With love, President Clayton". I sent this back to him. "Sounds good to me President! Thanks for talking my language! Let’s do it!" That just got me super pumped. To know the Pres Clayton is watching out for me and wanted to email me, means a lot. So, these next few weeks WILL be my best key indicator weeks of my mission.

As you can see, things are going well. I will definitely be praying all this week for Grandpa Little. In fact, something we started in our zone is we (me and my comp) send out a text to a DL and he gets the names of the people that his missionaries want the zone to pray for. Investigators, LAs, members or family. And then we forward those names to the zone. So, not only will Grandpa Little have me praying for him, he will also have 30 other missionaries praying for him as well. He'll be in good hands.
Well, I only have 4 more weeks to be a missionary. It hit me yesterday that I only have 3 more Mondays and after today, 3 more Tuesdays. That just seems crazy! I have 28 days to changes as many lives as I can. Yesterday during my personal study, I set goals for the future. Obviously my goal it to be exalted, but I made goals that will get me to that point. I'll email them to yall next week. Thanks for everything!!!! LOVE YALL!!!!


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