Friday, February 19, 2010

My letter from Ross...

*Note from me, Allee is our dog :)

February 5, 2010

Hillary, Jake and Allee,

Hola! Como le va? Soy el misinero de la iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los Santos de las Ultimos dia teno un mersaje de Dios y Cristo. Haha, sorry, I've been contacting for the past hour. That's my line. I got your letter yesterday. And yeah Jake, you were the 1st letter haha. Muchas gracias. I'm doing great here. I'm loving every minute of it. The spirit is so strong and I love my zone and district. Everything is going good. There are two other guys from Texas in my district (San Antonio and Houston) and I met another guy from Katy (not Elder Durham) **Note from Hillary again, Jake and I live in Katy and our Bishop's son (Elder Durham) went to the MTC the same day as Ross did.**

The food here is okay. It's not bad but it's not good. But Alex and Grandma have sent me packages so it's all good. I think you are tied with mom for most letters/Dear Elders. Congratulations! I love getting mail. Me and an hermana in my district get something everyday. There are 4 hermanas in my district, they keep us elders under control. There is a supervising sister in my zone that takes care of them, thank goodness. I had one sister that came to me and asked for a blessing cause she wanted to go home. It was a great opportunity for me, I loved it.

I was in the bookstore today and looked for Tyler's books and saw them, that was pretty sweet. Time here flies, it's crazy. (**Note from Hillary again....Tyler is Ross's buddy from A&M who went to the MTC 2 weeks after Ross and is headed to Guatemala)

Tell Jake that I do ball in gym. Nobody really messes with me, they are kind of scared! And the computers are in the laundry room so it works out great. Well that's all I have to say. I guess that's it. Hasta luego!

Elder Pequeno


I am going to try to keep this updated! So far we have gotten 2 emails from Ross in addition to the letters he has written to family so it's been great to hear from him. He is doing wonderful and staying super busy...which is probably why you haven't heard from him if you have written him letters. Don't get your feelings hurt! Keep the letters coming...he continues to need your love and support and encouragement.

His address changed just a bit, just the departure date part...

Elder Ross Christopher Little
MTC Mailbox #277
CA-SD 0323
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

You can also continue to use Here are instructions for that...
On the left hand side under "Send Stuff" click on Provo MTC (Free)
Type in your information in the top boxes
Type in Ross's information in the bottom boxes
Mailbox number is 277
Mission Code is CA-SD
Departure Date is 0323
Scroll down and type your letter in the box and send! It's THAT easy!

Thanks again for everything. We have the best family and friends EVER!

Ross's First Letter...

January 28, 2010 (Ross's first full day in the MTC)

mi Padre y mi Madre,

Hola from the MTC! My stay here so far has been great. My companion, Elder Bean, is a cool guy. He's quiet, but he's starting to come around. My other roommates, Elder Thomas y Elder Regan are real fun to be around. Elder Thomas is from Hawaii.

I guess you are wondering what happened on Day 1 so...

After my host helped me get checked in and took me to my room, I went and met my teachers, Hermano McPherson y Hermana Rivus. They are great as well. Before dinner we had an MTC orientation meeting. When we were seated I noticed everyone started to stand up again. I stood up to see who was walking in. You will never guess who it was. It was President Uchtdorf coming to welcome us and bring the love of President Monson! It was the first time in three years that a member of the First Presidency had come to the MTC. We had more meetings that night and then we went back to our rooms to unpack and meet our zone.

Mom and Dad, I know the church is true. So far we have been taught to rely on the Spirit when we teach and I can feel it everyday in my life. He has comforted me and helped to block out the homesickness so I can focus on how to better teach the people that I made promises to. I love my Heavenly Father with all my heart. I can feel His presence in all of my classes. I can not wait to start teaching. Mi espanol es bueno.

(He must have stopped here and come back later...)

I took a break from writing for the day. I am sitting in my room. Tonight we met our Branch Presidency. We bore our testimonies and then they left and the Zone Leaders came back in. A few minutes later they (The Branch Presidency) came back in and called me out. I met with the three of them and they extended the call to me to be District Leader of my District. It is an exciting position. I'm not sure what my responsibilities are (I have a meeting Sunday) but I know the Lord and Spirit will guide me to what is right. I love yall so much! I feel your prayers everyday and I know yall feel mine! Hasta luego!

Your son,

Elder Little

Hope you enjoyed the first letter we received from Ross! He also included his first prayer in Spanish but it is hand written and I don't know how to read Spanish and his handwriting isn't the best, so I would totally butcher it. Sorry!! I can email it to you if you are really interested. :)