Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The big day!

Today was the big day! Ross entered the Missionary Training Center today around 1-ish Utah time. My parents dropped him off...the MTC is totally serious about curbside drop off. You literally pull up and drop your missionary at the curb. There was another missionary assigned to Ross waiting for him so they met and off they went. My parents had already said their goodbyes to Ross so off they went as well. It was an emotional day for all, I'm sure.

I know it seems odd that we are kinda sad about Ross doing such a great thing. But you have to understand we won't see or talk to Ross other than letters and occasional emails for the next 2 years and when you come from a family as close knit as ours, that's hard. So it's not that we're sad that he's going on a mission, we're totally ecstatic about that. It's that we won't see him for the next couple of years. But we are so proud of him and excited too. So good luck to Ross! Thanks for all of your good thoughts and prayers sent his way. He'll continue to need lots these next few days as he is adjusting to the MTC and life as a missionary :)

More updates to come as we're updated on Ross's address and such. :)


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Mom Darlene said...

Wow!! Amazing! Congratulations Ross and the Littles. It will be a great experience for all of you!
Darlene Smith