Saturday, January 23, 2010

And he's off!

So it's official! Ross is now Elder Little and is on his way to Utah. He and my parents left this morning to fly out to Salt Lake for a few days before he enters the MTC on WEDNESDAY! We totally can not believe the time has already come. Hopefully the fact that time flew by up to this date means time will continue to fly by until we see him again in 2 years!

Ross gave his first farewell talk in Sherman 2 weeks ago. It was in front of our ward (congregation) that we grew up in, so there were LOTS of people there that know and love Ross. He also invited some friends like the lady who has cut his hair since he was 4 and his football coach both of whom came...he is already doing the missionary thing! It was an awesome meeting and Ross did a great job of conveying the spirit.

He gave his other farewell talk this past weekend in College Station. This was in his ward he has attended since August of last year. He has made a lot of friends there most of whom where there to hear him speak as well as lots of our family. Again, Ross gave a wonderful talk...I'm totally biased as his sister, I know. But he did do a great job. It's so comforting to know he has SO MANY friends and family who will keep him in their thoughts and prayers...what a blessing!

Friday the 22nd, Ross was set apart as a full time missionary. We are all so proud of him and his decision to serve the Lord for 2 years without a glance back. He'll miss everyone here, we'll miss him, but that won't detract from his desire to serve the Lord. I am excited for the opportunities and experiences that he is about to have and wouldn't want him anywhere else right now except on a mission. After Ross was set apart we had a family dinner at Olive Garden for all who could attend. We crowded around a table without about 20 or so of us and had a great are some pictures from after dinner...

I'm so sad this one turned out blurry! But it's the only one I got of Ross and Grandma & Grandpa Wertz so I had to post it. :(

Ross, Hillary and Jake (sister and brother in law)

Mimi, Ross and Popa

Alivia, Ross and Andrea (Ross's cousins)

Jessica (cousin) with Ross and her 2 kids, Shawnee and Kayson. Her husband Dayne is one of Ross's closest friends...he was working hard and couldn't make it.

Kelly and Thomas (aunt and uncle) with Ross and their girls. Their son Ashton is another close friend of Ross's, but he had a SHS soccer game.

Us again!

Being silly is what we do best.

Hillary, Ross and Brooke...siblings!

Ryan, Ross and Brooke (brother in law and sister)

And last but certainly not least....the 2 people who are mainly responsible for helping Ross to be the person he is today.....

Ross, Mom and Dad

Come back and visit the blog for letters, pictures and updates on and from Ross over the next 2 years. Once we hear from him, we'll pick things out to post here for all to see. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers in Ross's behalf...we can already feel them and know you will be blessed as well for your kindness and love for Ross over the years, whether you've known him his whole life or just a few months. Good luck Elder Little!

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