Monday, May 10, 2010

Letter from May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

Well...lets get to those important questions:

1. Well, my mission president has a rule that we call on fathers day and not mothers day. Sorry mom, I know its bad, but hey, don't Dad's need some credit too.

2. Well, I was just kidding about that. Sorry Dad, yall get no credit. We actually call on our birthdays, so it will be a couple more weeks before I call you.

3. Well, I was just kidding about that too. What we actually get to do here, or what Elder Nelson says we do is call on saturday and talk for like 10 mintues to set up a time for the next day for us to call. That way, nothing can come up and you will know exactly when I will call. So i will get to talk to you on saturday as well. It will probably be in the night time. Hopefully not too late for yall.

Well lets start out with the coolest thing on my mission so far. The Gladys Knight and the Saints Unified Voices Fireside. This was easily the coolest fireside that I've been to in my life. The place was rocking. It was full all the way to the back of the gym and it was full on the stage. A few years ago, Gladys attended Pres. Hinckley's birthday and she was sitting next to him. He said to her, "I heard you don't like our music." "she said to him, "i love it, its just kind of boring haha" So pres. Hinkcley told her to spice it up. So she created this Choir and they tour the country. It reminded me of some of the churches we watch on tv. They were clapping and singing gospel songs. There was a band with guitars and everything. But the music was so spiritual and she bore ther testimony and "preached" to the crowd and everyone loved it. And, yes mom. I did get to meet her. Well kind of. I was an usher at the door she exited from at the end of the fireside, and she waved and smiled at me and told me, "the ball is in your court now. Go work" I almost fell down hahah. Then after the show, me and Elder Nelson were walking in front of her bus and she waved to us again. Once again, i almost fell down. It was way tight. If you could, you could find and buy a Saints Unified Voices CD for me. Thay would be way awesome if you could.

So ill update you on our new best investigator. His name is Juan Carlos, and he is the one who wants to baptize his son. Well his wife is really interested. We went over last monday (not yesterday) and they were waiting on us and had pan dulce for us and hot chocolate. we had a great lesson. Then, last night, we told them we were going to watch a movie with them and they bought me and Elder Nelson pizza and drinks. They are so cool. They asked questions and wanted to know more. They are just so cool. I really appreciate all that the Lord does for me. Wehave been getting kind of down lately, me especially. We havent been having any success with our investigators. We have lessons but they wont do anything. We didnt have any at Gladys Knight or at church the next day. All day monday nobody was home, until one family answered and we set up an appt with them and then this appt with Juan Carlos y su familia. It was great!!

Well..i guess thats about it, so i guess ill call it here. Thanks for everything, especially the prayers (I feel them and thank Heavenly Father for them everyday)

Les amo mucho

Elder Little

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