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Monday, April 26, 2010 Letter

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thanks for the update mom. Actually, I kind of lost track of when my anniversay was, so 3 months is here tommorrow, wow. Well lets get to the questions:

1. We live in an apartment complex and me and Elder Nelson are best friends with the manager. He gave us a microwave the other day and he said someone would come fix our toilet for free later today. It's not the best apartment, but it's a block from the church and it's right in the middle of our area. So it's ok I guess. I took some pictures but I still have to take more of IB and the ocean.

2. I'm not to sure when I get to call on Mothers Day. If I am still with Elder Nelson, next Wednesday is transfers (but we both have had the feeling we aren't going), we will either call in the morning or after church. He said that he likes to talk to his family for like an hour and asked if that was cool with me, I laughed and said yeah, I guess hahaha

3. I am getting all of yalls packages. All the other missionaries in my zone get jealous and they are always asking if it's my birthday ahahah. But keep sending them, I love it. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much they and yalls letters mean to me. If you want, you could send some food giftcards or maybe some chips or stuff. We don't have a lot of food, but I'll talk about that later.

Well, let's get this party started. Let's start with our investigators. Carlos mas. He hasn't answered our calls and isn't returning them, so we have him classified as a "boat jumper". Me and Elder Nelson have started this new thing. We have our regular teaching pool, we put our progressing investigators on the "Baptismal Boat" and then if they cool off and aren't interested, they are classified as "boat jumpers". The regular people that are in our teaching pool are "pool chillers"...we have pictures and everything hahaha. But yeah, I was sad to see Carlos go but we have about 4 families and 3 individuals that are really great. President is happy with our work here. In my interview, I told him in the last 2 weeks we had added 19 new investigators, and that me and Elder Nelson could both feel that we were right on the verge of success. We are so close I can smell it.

This upcoming weekend is the Gladys Knight Fireside/concert. We have about 20 people going, which is a lot for Mexicans who have never heard of Gladys Knight. Me and Elder Nelson are going Friday night with our investigators and then President asked us to be "assisting missionaries" (Ushers) for both sessions on Saturday. So this weekend is going to be a Gladys Knight extraveganza for us. We are pretty excited to do it. We might even have a chance to meet her, which would be way cool.

We got a call from President the other day, and he said that P days will be moving to Tuesday, starting next week. So my new P day is on TUESDAY. STARTING NEXT WEEK. THIS IS IMPORTANT, I DONT WANT YALL TO FREAK OUT WHEN I DONT MAIL ON MONDAY hahahah

I am making a lot of friends out here on the misison. Of course, me and Nelson are really good friends and we get a long great. In some ways he reminds me of Alex, but he definitely does not replace him. There are 2 other missionaries in our district, Elder Hanks and Elder Naylor and they are way cool too. All 4 of us usually spend our P days together and we have a lot of fun togther.

Well I guess thats it, I have about 26 minutes left, so if you get this in the next 20 minutes you can write back. I'll be here. Thanks for everything you do.

Mucho Amor

Elder Little

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