Thursday, July 8, 2010

Letter from July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

Well this week has been crazy, so lets get started:

1. City Heights is pretty rough, but fertile. There aren't any restrictions, but if it is one thing that I know, Cholos don't mess with people that have Jesus Christ written on their chests. We go every where and talk to everyone.

2. We really didn't do anything to observe july 4th. We just went in early. We went to eat at a members house after church and then worked for a while and then came home. No one was home, and if they were they were drinking, so we called it quits for safety haha

3. I upgraded apartments. Our apartment now is really nice. We live in the same complex as 3 other sets of elders, 1 set of sisters, and 2 sets of senior missionaries. And you know they put the senior missionaries in the nice apartments so yeah its nice. We are about 5 minutes (walking) from the church.

Well to the week, I sent you a letter this week that described some of my week and some of the problems, and i put in my memory card of imperial beach, but after i sent it, i realized I didn't take any pictures after like week 3 which is when i started losing weight, so ill take some more and send some.

Well, i was sick this week. And we are talking sick sick. I had a stomache virus from tuesday to saturday. It was terrible. All the nasty things mixed with no sleep, no eating, and a missionary (me) who doesn't want to sit at home all day = a bad combination. Yeah, thats right. I went out and worked. I would sleep/rest till like 2 every day and then go work till 6. Come home and sleep till 7 and then go out an work till i couldnt go any further. It was bad. Never have I wanted to come home so bad and never have I wanted to die so much either. At one point, I told Elder Avalos to push me in front of a car that was coming and just relieve me of the pain i was feeling. But not to worry, I am better now! I am eating again (more than i would like, but i need to cathc up, i lost another 5lbs last week alone) and im am slowly getting my energy back to normal. We talked to some more sweet people and we have 2 baptisms lined up for the 25th. and possibly 2 more if we can get 2 investigators progressing again.

Elder Avalos is doing well. We got mail already this week. I got 1 letter from Mimi and Popa (I picked up my golf clubs on thursday. She wanted me to get them out of the way!!) and Elder Avalos got a package and 2 letters from his mom and friend. I was happy for him, it was great. He is doing really well. He is a pretty big guy and he told me this week that he tore his ACL before the mission and he tore it again after the surgery and it has been bothering him, but he doesn't want to tell president because he will make him sit in the office for a while (who does that sound like ?!?) So i just take it easy with him and not push him harder than he can go. He is really quite, so i sat him down and told him that this week, we were going to work together to help him feel more comfortable talking. We practiced during companionship study and by the end of the week, he taught most of 1 lesson by himself. it was really good, i couldnt stop him. All of the other missionaries are really loving and help him feel welcome.

Well that is really all this week.
Love Yall

Elder Little

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