Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letter from June 29, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where in the World is Elder Little...not in Imperial Beach.

Well you probably are wondering by now where I am if Im not in IB...

Well..On the day of transfers, me and Elder Gunnell went to our training meeting and President asked me how it was packing..of course I said, "IDK..ask Elder Gunnell, he packed." President looked at his transfer list and then at me and smiled and said, "somebody messed up...you are leaving and Elder Gunell is staying." After the shock wore off, we started the meeting and he asked the question, "how many of you are district leaders. Everyone raised their hands but me, and then president looked at me again and said "Elder Little, raise your hand." So yes, your son, who is in his 3rd transfer, only 5 months into the mission..is white-wash training and is the District Leader of a ward in San Diego, barrio 20. My proselyting area is City Heights, so yall can look that up again. It is definately not IB...its a pretty rough place. A lot of cholos and mexicans..which are quickly becoming my favorite people in the world hahah.

I really like it though. I have heard nothing but good things about this ward and I am surrounded by great missionaries. After the transfer meeting I talked with President Donaldson and asked for a blessing..in the blessing he said that although the other missinoaries in my district have more experience, you are more prepared to lead the district and have success. We he said that I remembered what my patriarchal blessing said about me coming to this world fully prepared to carry out my mission here on earth and at times I dont feel like I am, but the Lord has blessed me with so many miracles I can't even begin to name them. On our second day, we got a call from Sister Smith (the one who went to A&M) and she said that she had a referral for me. I took it down and she said the lady wants to get baptized! After I got off the phone, I got down on my knees and thanked my Heavenly Father for the miracle we had just recieved. I truly am gaining a testimony of the power of the Lord and how he wants us to have success. When people flip us off, cuss at us, its not a test of the Lord to see if we will keep going, it is Satan trying to get us to stop. But the Lord picks us up when we fall, sometimes when we go knock doors or when we are riding on the street, I literally feel like a third person is there and let me tell you, there is no greater feeling in the world than to know that there truly is a third person riding with us, talking with us, teaching with us, and finding with us. The holy ghost is everywhere and if we pray for his guidance and for his love, we will feel it in times of need.

Well, now more about my son. His name is Elder Avalos and he is very humble. He is from New Jersey and comes from a rough up bringing. He was born in Compton and then his mom and dad went to New Jersey. His mom is from Guatemala and dad from Honduras. He speaks spanish, but english was his first language. He has a lot of personal challenges, but with all of these challenges, he made it out here on a mission and was the 1st in his family to do so. I have only known him for a few days, but I love him so much already. He is a big guy and he has a hard time on his bike with me (btw, i am at 25 lbs lost) but I always go back and push him along. I am always encouaraging him and he is always willing to do what I say and do it with a smile. He is truly, I think, my favorite companion. I could not have asked for a better one. He loves everyone and he is just awesome. But, he doesnt get a lot of support. He doesn't recieve a lot of mail. So mom, could you send him some mail, maybe a package or a letter every now and then. I really think that would make his day. And I know that you would be more than willing to help. As I write this, I am almost crying. I feel now that the spirit is testifying to me that we are supposed to be together at this time and in this place. He is going to learn from me, but I am going to learn how to be a better person from him. he is always encouraging me when an appointment falls through and always talking about having faith. He is amazing...alright mom and dad, stop crying now.

Well that is about all for this week. Thank you for everything! I truly felt your prayers this week, thank your for them and remember, if you send him something, you will get a letter back from your newest grandson haha

Thanks mom and dad for everything, I hope you feel my love as much as I feel yours.

Con much amor

Elder Little

p.s. we were buying grocerys and they came and asked if they could call our moms, i was the first to say yes!
This is in response to my mom's story she emailed to Ross...."So, as I'm leaving church Sunday, I check my phone and see that I have a voicemail. I listen to it and it is this sweet lady Pam, from Utah, telling me that she was vacationing in California and was in a Wal Mart in Chula Vista and ran into an Elder Little (my heart beats double time and tears flow at this point). She proceeded to tell me that she had a wonderful conversation with you and that you look good and are having success, recently had six baptisms, and shared that it was so fun to visit with you for a few minutes! OMG!!! Talk about a Tender Mercy from the Lord. To know that a stranger had seen and talked to my son and was so thoughtful to call and share that with me. Really, though we aren't strangers in the gospel are we--we are all brothers and sisters of an eternal family. Heavenly Father can't be everywhere so he often blesses us through the hands of another person. I was the recipient of this wonderful blessing. I called her back later in the day and got! her voicemail and expressed my heartfelt gratitude to her. I think she surely is or has been the mother of a missionary. Tell me about how this all transpired--was it your P Day or were you dressed in your missionary attire and they recognized you as missionaries????"

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