Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letter from September 21, 2010

Letter from Tuesday, September 21, 2010
(This is when Ross found out he had officially become an Uncle!)

DANG!!! I'm Uncle Ross...I was going to give your number too someone too today, I am glad I didn't.

1. Well it feels the same I guess...since I dont get to hold her. Maybe when I see pictures it will be different hahah I hope everything is going good with her and Brooke and Ryan now

2. My new comp is Elder Guennette (Gun-net) from Quebec Canada. He is a way cool guy! He speaks french, english and Spanish. He laughs at my jokes and he cracks me up too...and we are really working well together.

Well, I am an uncle. That's pretty cool. It sounds like everything went smoothly which is way good. Everything here is going great. The day me and Elder Guennette got put together was awesome. He has been known for being really strict and I wasn't too excited when president read our names together, but it has been way fun lately. We laugh and we work hard and we mess around doing it haha he is just a crazy frenchie. Everything seems to be going better. Last week our zone only had 6 people with baptismal dates which is pathetic. So we decided to have a meeting with the DLs. I just flat out asked them, "why do we only have 6 people with a date" It finally came down to having more faith. By the end of the week, we tripled our people with dates to 17, had 2 baptims on sunday and 7 lined up for this week. Things turned around and we are focusing on "keeping our head down and our feet moving." Just like pushing the truck and the sled in football. Thats what I say now,"Great job on the baptism elder (or sister), now just keep your head down and your feet moving and keep tearin it up". Everyone laughs and we are getting along really well.

Well I had another great experience at the the MCRD again this week. I don't know what it is with me and marines, I guess I just get along with people my age. This time his name is Andrew Gibson. He was given to me by another elder and the elder told me to get him baptized asap. I went and talked and before sacrament meeting I told him to read 2 Nephi 31 (baptism and the Doc of Christ). I came back after sacrament meeting and we talked. I asked him if he read it and he did. I asked how he felt about it, he said "those 3 words are just ringing in my head, FOLLOW THOU ME. (v 10). I asked him what he thought that meant. He told me that I needed to follow Christ. So I said, "Gibson, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized next Sunday?" He looked at me and then at verse 10 again and back at me and said, "yeah...I need to be. Let's do it" I almost jumped out my chair, but I stopped and composed myself and said, "Alright, let's get it done." We shared a moment that very few people ever get to share. A moment, like it says in D&C 50:12 or 20 (IDK)..when both of you rejoiced together and were edified by what was happening. I gave him a bro hug and I left, he started to cry so I sat back down. He told me that he was struggling so much and wanted to quit. I told him that he isn't alone and after next week, he would have spiritual strength, mental strength and physical strength. He cried a little bit more, gave me a bro hug and I left again. Never, never, have I felt that way or the way I feel as I tell you the story...

Everything is going great! I love my mission again! I am glad to hear popa is doing better..tell him I said, "portate bien" (I can't think of the english phrase but it means something like act good". Well I promise I will get that letter in the mail this week. I love you so much!


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