Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letter from September 28, 2010

Letter from Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well...I wasn't really expecting an email from yall today. I thought that I became old news and that my shrine over the fireplace would turn to a Chloe shrine..but I guess ya'll still remember me hahaha

1. I rode a bike about 3 weeks ago. But now, I am just "ridin dirty" around SD haha (that's how you say it here)

2. We have a McDonalds, Jack in the Box is next door, In and Out, and Subway. We usually go to a lot of taco shops, those are the best.

Well it makes me glad to know that no one forgot about me this week with Chloe and Brooke's big day haha. I thought that I was going to be old news, but I guess my family really does love me hahahah. This week has been what I have called the "miracle week". I can already see the smiles on yalls faces, this one is going to be good.

Besides the fact that it is a miracle that me and my comp get along really well, everything else has been miracle after miracle it seems like this week. Not too much happened last week until Sunday. On Sunday, I went to the MCRD and the recruit Gibson came up to me and told me (with a big smile on his face) "you ready to baptize me?" I laughed and we went and did it. Another Elder had a baptism too so it was a dual-baptism which made it even more special. Then, for the first time in a while, me and Elder Guennete had someone at church and she is way excited. Then, yesterday was what we are calling the "MIRACLE DAY" (its a new holiday). Yesterday, we went to one of our investigators house just planning to do a quick lesson before him and his brothers went to work. The family is recently baptized except for 2 of the sons, Oriel (16) and Erwin (14). Oreil didnt want to talk with us (he is not that interested) but Erwin wanted too and so we went down to his patio and talked. We did an object lesson about putting the things of God first in our lives. Elder Guennete bore his testimony and he said something that made me think, he said, "God blesses us when we do the things he wants us to do first." Then the question came to me and I said this, "Erwin, what does God want you to do first in your life?" He looked at me and said, "be baptized." I smiled and said yeah, he does. It was amzaing. 3 weeks ago Erwin did not want to be baptized. But, he told us he had been thinking about it and now he is excited and is getting baptized on the 10th. Also, we got 2 more people with dates for Oct 17. It was one amazing day!

Well everything is going really good here. I just love my mission right now. Everything is just clicking and it seems like I am not even doing anything to deserve this. Its just all the hard work and pereserverance that occurred last transfer is paying off this transfer. When we are happy, we work harder and better. But, yesterday, it was way hot in the 90s all day. So I was draggin a little bit (you know how I work better in the cold hahah) but after that appt with Erwin, it got a lot better!

I love everybody and can't wait to talk with yall in 3 months. It'll be some good converstations. I love yall and cant wait to hear from yall agin. Thanks for everything that yall do!



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