Sunday, November 21, 2010

Letter from November 2, 2010

November 2, 2010

Well...this week wasnt AS good as last week, but this week has some potential for sure. Questions:

I just got a whole bunch of candy for Halloween. We had to be inside at 630 because things get a little crazy around here during halloween week. So it was pretty boring. No kids knocked on the door so we watched church movies around our portable dvd player that we have in the apartment and i went to bed early. 1st major holiday in the mission= dud hahaha

Well i knew the rangers would dissappoint me. But actually it makes me happy because they will probably win it when i am home haha.

I dont know why but i have been way out of it this week. I have been really tired and just seem to be going through the motions, it has been tough. But i am making it.

Story of the week: Early thursday morning around 1230, we get a call. I am way out of it and i got pretty ticked when i saw that it was some missionaries calling us. I thought they ahd done something bad and were calling me to bail them out of jail or something. But turn out they were evacuated from their apartment because of a shootout. Yeah, thats right, a shootout. Right next door to their apartment. We are talking like 20 feet away from where they were. They were praying and they started hearing shots and police yelling, "Officer down! Officer Down! I repeat officer down!" A police officer had charged the door of where this guy was and the guy shot him in the face. The elders were looking out their window and saw the police caring him down the stairs. Then about an hour later, the police beat on the elders door and escorted them out and down the stairs and around the corner. So we picked them up and they slept at our apartment. It was pretty crazy! The officer died at the hospital later and i dont know what happened to the guy who shot him. Probably going to die soon.

Well, MCRD story time. I am now teaching another miracle marine. He told me his sotry. A couple years ago he was in a boating accident where he was knocked unconcious. While out of it, he said he saw his grandpa and he told him taht he needed to find god. A few weeks later, he meets this girl and goes to church with her. Our church. He reads in the principles of the Gospel book that god loves everyone and it is up to us to choose to follow him. A few weeks later, he enters the MCRD and he prays and asks if he should continue to go to our church. He said that his Grandpa told hiim yes he should. It is the one to follow. Pretty crazy story. he said that he doesnt want to get baptized here because he wont see me or anyone else here again. I said that i couldnt tell him who was at my baptism, 12 years ago, but i could tell exactly how i felt. Then i told him Marc Mandel's story about the power and strength he felt about baptism. I went through Mosiah 18 with him. In that chapter, alma tells the people at the waters of mormon the attributes of a follower of christ. I read it and it is exactly the attributes of a marine. So i explained that to him and he said he would ask God what he wants him to do. Im pretty sure he will get baptized either this week or next week. It was pretty spiritual experience!

Well that is about all for this week. If everything works out the way it should and Satan doesnt mess anything up, we should have 4 baptisms on Sunday. I have the faith and i have the wokr, but it would be nice to have yalls prayers as well. Thanks for everything yall do! LOVE YALL SOOO MUCH


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