Friday, October 29, 2010

Letter from October 26, 2010

haha you probably thought that i didnt know the rangers were in the series...but us missionaries have ways to find out things....its called...teaching our investigators at work hahaha...we taught this one guy and he sat us down at a table right in front of a 42" tv showing the phillies/giants game..of course, me being the sports fan, asked him who he wanted to win the series..y el me dijo, "pues, tu sabes. Tejas va a ganarlo." I almost jumped out of my chari and started running around. My prayers have been answered. 20 years of praying and it finally pays off. hahahahaha. From what I hear, Texas is not the same team. They actually score runs off of small things and not bombs. Im sure the giants have good pithcing with tim lincecum, but with cliff lee and the solid line up of solid hitters we have...i pick the rangers in 6...yeah, i still got it hahaha


Haha i honestly shed some tears when i opened my package today. After 20 years of waiting, MY rangers are in the WS. I have been ture since the rusty greer and juan gonzalez years, through the rafeal palimero Todd Zeile years through the buck showalter seasons and now into what i am calling, "Nolan Ryan saves us again" years hahahah. I almost wore my jersey over my shirt and tie and i am taking a pic with every thing on tonight. Just know that when i work out in the morning, i wear my rangers hat backwards. hahaha

First off tell Coach byrd and schlecta hi and nancy too when you see them. haha i saw your question, "did anything happen at the MCRD" welll.....Lets just say something happened that not very many 20 year old guys get to do. At the MCRD when i walked in I talked with Marc Mandel and we were talking about the MP and him receiveing it soon. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a member of the Stake Presidency walk in and i got the impression, today is the day. So i told marc to hold on and went and talked with the Military relations missionary (you know how military people are..i would of gone right to the top, but the military likes their chain of command). He told me the branch president was pretty packed. i walked back to marc and once again i had the impression, "today is the day." So i went back and told the military relations missionary about it and we talked with the BP and he interviewed marc and then the Stake pres. interviewed him. I didn't know if he passed the interviews or not until he was sustained in PH meeting. Then one of the branch presidecny members came up to me and said, "Elder Little, Mandel wants you to ordain him. Make it happen." i was blown away. I never though in my mission that i would get to give someone the MP. So i ordained marc and we talked afteward. he said that he felt clean and felt this really good feeling inside during the blessing. i told him that it was Heavenly Father telling him that He was proud of him and that he was doing the right thing. IT HONESTLY WAS THE MOST POWERFUL SPIRITUAL EXPERINCE OF MY LIFE. So now, i get to make a PH line of authority for marc. how cool is that? Other tahn that, not a whole lot happened this week. I have been feeling pretty trunky this week. Satan has been working me over with the Rangers and all the diffferent sports that are going on right now. Im not going to lie, it is way tough. More tough thatn i thoug it was going to be. But i am making it, just pray for me...i definately need those to focus more.

Transfers are today. Me and Elder Guenette are staying together. Which makes me happy, he will be my first comp to stay for more than 1. and we have 5 baptisms planned for november!!! Well thats about all. Oh, president tells us alot of 1st presidency and quroum of the 12 stories. I have a lot about pres. hinckley and him. He told the other day that he has been in meetings where pres. hinckley prophesized of things that are happening right now. Pretty cool!

Thanks for everything!! I LOVE YALL!!


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