Monday, January 17, 2011

Letter from January 4, 2010

(What did you do for New Years Eve?) Well when it hit 12 here, i was asleep. But is was up when it hit 12 in TX so i thought of yall and then went to sleep. We had to be in our apartment at dark because things get a little crazy. People were shooting their guns in the air (or at people, idk) during the night. But im in the ghetto, what else is new.

(Did you find someone to tailor your new suit?) Yeah Im going to have a member do it. She is one of the members here iin Bonita 3 that is trunky for me to get off my mission and come back and go to mexico. The nearest Jos. A Banks is in La Jolla where the temple is. Its pretty far drive and we dont have a lot of miles.

(What did you do with your Christmas money?) Last tuesday, i bought a new pair of shoes (go figure), a under armour sweateshirt and a pair of sunglasses (they were only 10 bucks, dont worry). Ill send a pic next week of the stuff.

Well now that i dont have teh MCRD stories to tell you, i guess my emails will be pretty lame. But oh well.

This past sunday we had a baptism. This lady is so cool. She is the mom of one of the members here and all of her grandkids call her "Grandma G" so thats what i call her. Everytime i see her im like, "hey Grandma, hows it going?" haha she likes it. But i had a way cool experience before. When church started, she wasnt there. So i went out and called her and she said that she had gotten called into work (she is a nurse) because of some emergency, so she said she would call me later. In church i was feeling kind of disappointed because i didnt feel good about baptizing her since she wasnt at church. Then during the sacrament, i had an overwhelming good feeling. i was thinking to myself, "how could i be feeling ahppy. She isnt at church." then, after the sacrament, i got a call from her. She told me, "elder little. I know this is satan trying to stop me from getting baptized. Im not going to let him do this. I will be at the english ward at 1." And she was. So she was baptized that night. It was just a simple spiritual experience that boosted my testimony immensely. the Lord knows each of us and wants us to be successful. This was just one way the Lord showed his love for me and i thanked him right after i got off the phone with her.

Thanks for all the prayers. We still have a long way to go to reach our goal, but it is achievable. I know that with fasting and prayers and diligent work on our side, we can achieve this goal. Thanks for everything! I feel the love every day! Love yall!



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