Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Letter from June 22, 2010

Letter from Elder Little, 6/22/10

Yes another earthquake. Me and Elder Gunnell had just finished planning, he was in the bathroom and I was lifting. I felt the bench start to shake and then heard the walls shaking. I threw down the weight and Elder Gunnell was just in the bathroom yelling, "are you serious?" It wasn't too bad but one of the elders in our apartment complex freaked out and was almost crying. The one on easter was worse.

We got the call from the ZLs this morning, Elder Gunnell is leaving and I am staying, which will mean another transfer in the branch. Also, it means that I, YOUR YOUNGEST CHILD, WILL BE HAVING THE FIRST CHILD IN THE FAMILY. YEP, I AM TRAINING THIS TRANSFER. hahahah it is crazy! I am full of all kinds of emotion..excited/nervous/stoked/scared hahah all wrapped into one. But the thought hit me right after we got the call that the Lord doesn't give us anything that we can't handle. it is going to be tough, but I think this transfer I have been prepared for it. Its going to be a good transfer!

Well...this week was pretty good. Our baptism that we have lined up works all the time and we are stuggling to find her. But we are going to keep trying, and we will be successful.

If I could pick a scriptue to describe this week, it would be, "faith without works is dead." This week my faith has been tried alot. ON Sunday, I taught Gospel Principles in Spanish. It was over the Holy Ghost. It went pretty good, but i had to have faith that the Lord would help me and he definitely did. the class participated and I think it went pretty well. And yesterday, i gave a spanish. No idea what i was doing. Elder Gunnell helped me through the fist part but when i got to the blessing, the words just came to me. It was truly the mopst spiritual experience i have had on my mission. MY faith was tested this week, but when faith is tested and exercised, faith is grown.

For your lesson mom, you could use the good samaritan story...or you could use the story when the pharisees brought the adultress to christ and he said, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." I really like that one. To me, it shows how important it is not to judge others. Everyone has stuggles in life and everyone messes up. But no one should judge others for their sturggles when inside, they are stuggling just as much. I really like the principle of "Judge not, lest ye be not judge" it makes a lot of sense. everyone has challenges in life, but the Savior and His Gospel can help everyone, not matter how big it is.

Well that is about all that happened this week. I have been trying to see if i need anything around the apartment and noticed that i dont have a framed pic of the family, and i thought that might be nice to have. Also, i could always take some ties if anyone wants to give me some.

Thanks for all that yall do for me! It really does me sorry that i cant write and thank everyone, but i truly am grateful for the family that i do have. Tell everyone hi for me. I love yall!

con much amor

Elder Little

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