Monday, October 18, 2010

Letter from October 12, 2010

Well it sounds like your week was pretty eventful...i bet i can top yours
>have no idea....

1. The next transfers are in 2 pretty sure i am safe. My zone right
>now is leading the mission in baptisms per week, so i think that we will stay together
>agin for this next one. Which is fine by me.

2. We have some missionaries that here for a while waiting on visas so me and
>elder guenette had to pick up one that is with us for a while. Then we went and
>shopped and went and played football in chula Vista and now i am here. writing..barely
> sooo tired.

Well i bet you are wondering how my week could top you week. Buckle you seat
>belts and in the words of T.O. "get your popcorn ready!" My week was
>boring until Saturday, but that is when the fun began!

On Saturday, we went over to Erwin's house about getting him baptized on
>Sunday, and also talk to his brother oriel. Early in the week, on monday, Oriel
>told us he wasnt interested in religion right now. So we focused on Erwin, but
>in every lesson with Erwin that week, Oriel wouild tag along and pay attention.
>The Spirit was working inside of him. We went to the MOBAT on Friday (Thats the
>pic i just sent) and went over on saturday to talk abouut baptism. Erwin said that
>he was not ready, but something told me and Elder Guenette that he was. So we read
>in 3 Nephi 27 and somehow he got a picture of Jesus and started looking at it.
>Elder Guenette asked him "what is Jesus doing in this picture?' "eriwn
>looked and said, "telling us to follow him". I said, "thats right.
>All we have to do is take his outstretched hand and he will take us to the presence
>of our heavenly father. So Erwin, will you take Christ's hand and be baptized
>tmw?" He looked at me and shook his head and said, "Yeah!" It was
>seriously the most spiritual packed lesson i have ever been too. And then, i asked
>Oriel the same question, he didnt say anything. For about 2 minutes we waited.
>Then i asked, "Bro, what is scaring you?" No idea why i asked that but
>i did. He said that he wanted to know more but wants to be baptized soon. So he
>is going to be baptized on sunday, hopefully. So Erwin was baptized on Sunday!
>Then, we had a spanish mission fireside w/pres. and sis donaldson and a bunch of
>members. REcent Converts spoke and as they got up to speak, i realized that i played
>a part in everyone of their conversions. The first one was a RC her in Sweetwater.
>The next was a girl that i found and taught in IB and got baptized after i left,
>and the last was someone i taught a few times in City Heigts. Never had i felt
>so loved. I realized that i had played a part in their salvation. Lets just say
>it was a good feeling.

But i almost forgot something...and you already know it has to do with the MCRD.
>Saturday Night and sunday morning, in my prayers, i asked that i would have a miracle
>at the MCRD. So that morning i was looking for someone to teach and i was looking
>at a list of names with another elder and we botha had a really good feeling about
>1 name: "Daemion Marcuz". So i sat around talking until i saw him. I
>overheard (ok i was stalking) a conversatino he had and someone asked him. "hey
>man did you get baptized up north?" and i swear he said yes. so i was not
>going to talk to him, but i decided it would still be a good idea and i followed
>the feeling. So i went and talked with him and siad, "hey man i heard you
>got baptized up north?" He looked up and said, "naw i was actually hoping
>i could get baptized today." After i picked my jaw off the floor i said, "yeah,
>come with me and we can get you taken care of." THE LORD HEARS AND ANSWERS
>PROGRESS TOWARDS THEIR SALVATION! Words can not explain the Sunday i had....lets
>just say, it was the best since my baptism. O wait i almost forgot, Marc mandel
>(i baptized him a month ago) came up to me and he talked with the branch pres up
>north and he wants to get the melchizadeck priesthood asap. i talked with the military
>relations missionary, he is going to get the MP in 3 weeks. I FREAKIN LOVE THIS

yeah, thats all i got...I LOVE YALL!!


(In response to Hillary telling Ross he had another new niece...)

WOW!!!! SHE COULDNT WAIT. SHE IS JUST AS IMPATIENT AS HER MOTHER hahahaha now that i am hundreds of miles away and you cant call me...i can really trash talk with you hahahahahah

Naw but really. FELICIDADES! That is way cool.. I now have 2 coolest nieces ever and i havent even talked to them yet. I am expecting them to be able to say my name is 2 months. hahaha everything is going great here. i had 2 baptisms this past weekend, and hopefully have 3 over the next 2 weeks. The work is really booming and we know that it is because the Lord, not us. Love yall and tell lizzie i especially love her


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