Monday, October 18, 2010

Letter from October 5, 2010

1. President goes home in july of i will have a new president for the last 6 months. I am not really looking forward to it because me and President have a special bond going and it will be tough to end it with someone else, but that is like 9 months away so i still have a while.

2. My spanish is ok. I can speak and understand everything that people say. Im getting to the point where i dont have to pay attention in church and can still understand hahaha but i always pay attention anyways. haha

Well let me first start out by saying that General Conference as a missionary is a little bit different. Instead of sitting down listening to the choir sing before it starts, I was on the side of the highway. One of the investigators we had going was following us and his tire blew out. So we had to stop and fix it and he still wanted to go after so we went and we missed the opening and elder hollands talk, but Conference was still great. Especially the PH session. Sorry mom, but you missed out. I can honestly say it was probably the best PH session i have ever been too. As a missionary, instead of listening just to listen, you listen for things that will help you grow as a missionary and for things that will help your investigators. That is why I liked it. I havent finished my "top 10" because there are so many good ones to choose from, but i want to talk about 2 special ones that i really liked. The first was D. Todd Christofferson on saturday morning. Consecrating Lives and what it means to truly have your life consecrated to the Lord. Purety, work, respect, Integirty (i am missing one i think). These qualitites are what make up a great missionary. They need to have a pure life and always keep the commandments. They need to work smart, but also like there is no tmw. They need to have respect for their body and appearance. our bodies are houses for our Spirits, like the temple. Meaning, we should be as clean as the temple. And last integrity. I really liked his defintion of integrity. Many people think that they arent accountable to the Lord, but people who know and are accountable to the Lord have integirty. Also, I really liked larry Lawrances talk. While listening, it finally hit me why yall always waited up for me when i was in high school. I always wondered, "why do they feel like they have to wait up for me? Can't i just come in and wake them up when i get home?" During the talk my question was answered. I stayed out of a lot of trouble that i could have gotten into, thanks to yall. I always kneww that when i got home at night, someone was going to be sitting in the chair and was going to ask how my night was. NONE of my other friends mom did this and look where they are and where i am. I am not putting myself on a pedestal or anything, but it is true. i am doing a lot better things with my life than people back in high school. All because of yall. I almost got a little emotinoal when i finally received my answer. It all made sense, so...THANK YOU MOM AND DAD FOR WAITING UP AT NIGHT. I know that when I am a dad, i will do the same thing. You sacrificed temporary "coolness" for eternal happiness. That is how i look at it.

Well thats about all that i have this week. Thanks for the christmas note. Now i am more christmas trunky than ever hahaha. Thanks for all that yall do and I love yall so much. Tell everyone that i love them and pray for everyone. (not by name, i would be on my knees for a while) hahahahah I LOVE YALL

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