Monday, April 11, 2011

Letter from April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011

Well we went to Applebee's last night to celebrate a great week of conference and what did we see...the National Championship game. I saw a little bit of it and from what I saw, I don't know how Butler even made past the 1st round. In the time that I watched I think they made like 2 shots and threw up about 20....don't worry mom, I repented

1.When you watch General Conference, is in English or Spanish?

I watch general conference in English. We go and make sure our investigators are settled in the Spanish translation room and then we go back and watch it in English. Our members are way good at fellowshipping when it comes to that.

2. Have you been to the temple lately? That San Diego temple is Beautiful!! I caught what you said on the video that you are coming back to get married there in a year and a half. That is one of the big things that dad got out of conference is that we need to make temple attendance more of a priority, so we have scheduled the next two months.

Yeah. I got the same thing out of conference so we went today. That is why I'm emailing later than usual. It was really great. Elder Griffith, a Military Relations Missionary that I'm close to were there, Elder Moreno and Elder Sauer (2 former CSDM missionaries) were there with some recent converts going in so it was pretty awesome.

3. And what about all of the talks that referred to the men of the church getting busy and finding a wife??? I think one of them even said that after a mission, finding a wife should be the highest priority. What-What??? I want a little time with my son--I'm not quite ready to share you just yet.

Hahah yeah I guess I cant mess around like I wanted to when I get home. I have to run off and get married. CRAZY! But I guess I should listen to what the prophet says.

4. Is next week Transfer week? Any feelings yet about what will happen?

They are next week. I have no clue what is going to happen with me. No idea at all. But I will know next week when I email.

Let me first start with your letter in the package. Not funny mom. That was the worst April Fool's joke ever. I'm glad I saw the bent part of the card or I probably would have got in trouble for calling you hahah>

There is not too much to report. Conference was way good. In the first session I loved Elder Richard's(PAIN) and sister Stevens' (Children) talks--they were really good. The PH session was awesome as usual, the First Presidency was great. I loved Elder Scott's heartfelt talk about his wife, that was really nice. And I thought Elder Holland's talk about raising the ensign was awesome.

My top 10 are this: 1. Elder Oaks-Desire

2. Elder Richard's-pain

3. Pres. Uchtdorf-PH

4. President Monson-PH

5. Elder Bednar-Holy Ghost and Revelation

6. Paul Johnson-Trials

7. Pres Eyring-PH

8. Elder Scott-Marriage

9. Elder Gonzalez-Followers of Christ

10.Sister Stevens-Listening to Children

That's about all I've got for this week. Keep praying for me and I guess we will find out next week what is happening to me and where I am going. Thanks for all you do! I LOVE YALL!



The Dolezal Family said...

What was the April Fools joke?

Hillary said...

My dad travels quite a bit to Milwaukee and his company would love for him to be there permanently I think but they don't want to lose him from Sherman either. Ross knows this so my mom wrote him a letter and told him dad was being transferred to Wisconsin so they were moving. She didn't tell him until the end of the letter it was a joke. :) He didn't get it on April Fool's Day so he didn't even think about it being a joke.