Monday, April 11, 2011

March 29, 2011

Questions of the Week:

1. What is the story behind the blinged-out black T shirt that says "Ringspun" that was in the box you sent home? Cute but definitely doesn't look like you-haha.

The shirt was from a member. I have way too many shirts here and that is why I sent it and others things home.

2. We loved getting your memory card last week and enjoyed seeing your pictures. Is Marc the young man with glasses?

I'm glad you liked the pics. Yeah, the one with the big glasses is marc. All the recruits who have vision problems have to wear those kind of glasses. They can't wear contacts while in recruit training. Kind of weird, but they really help you see hahah

3. Will you get to watch all of the sessions of General Conference?

You better believe I will watch all the sessions of the conference. Its like Christmas for a missionary. We go to the stake center to watch it. The churches here are kind of weird. Not all of them have baptismal fonts, some were built without them. And only the stake centers get satellite reception....the churches look nicer here, but I like the ones in Texas more.

Well yep, I've been out 14 months now. I'm now officially in single digits. It is kind of hard to believe. A year ago today I was wetting my pants because I was getting ready to leave the MTC the next day. It doesn't even seem that long ago. The days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days. Its kind of weird.

Yeah I have A LOT of stuff haha. I'm glad that I have my own closet, or I wouldn't have room for some stuff hahaha, no its not that bad. I give away a lot of stuff to little kids and other missionaries. There is a missionary here who is a big Packers fan so I gave him that little flag yall sent. He loved it hahaha. And I usually take the candy and stuff to little kids or member's houses as a gift or something. They like it!

I'm glad to hear Ashton's Court of Honor went well. I just remembered this morning that it was on Saturday. What an honor to get the mentor pin. I didn't know I had that much of an affect on Ashton. All I did was say what I thought needed to be said. The letter I wrote to him was pure inspiration I guess because I don't really remember what I even said haha. I think I put things that I wish I knew before my mission. I'm sure you already did, but will you thank him for me? I'll send him a letter once I get the pin and everything.

This week was a good one. One of our investigators got anti-ed pretty hard. Her black co workers were telling her that the Mormons don't like black people and that we do weird stuff in our temples. She got pretty upset about it but we answered her questions and everything is good now. She hates it now when people talk bad about the church. She is way solid.

Well I guess that is it for now. I'm looking forward to General Conference. It's going to be a great weekend. I have already been thinking of some questions that I know will be answered this weekend. I love it Thanks for everything and I LOVE YOU!!


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