Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 5

Week 5 Email...Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well....this week has been a whirl wind. I guess ill start with last wednesday. We had a great day at the temple. I went with a question and came out with an answer, it was great! Thursday and Friday were regualr and Saturday was great as well! Our zone leaders were released because one of them told an hermana of the feelings he had for her, esta no bien. So we got new zone leaders, they are really cool guys. One of them voiced to me that he felt really inadequate and wasn't sure how he was going to be balance the workload of a zone leader with learning spanish and the lessons. He is at the same week as me, in fact he is in my district. Pues, if you havent figured it out yet, ive been called to be the Zone leader for my zone! Me and Elder Bean were called on Sunday so this is my 4th day as a zone leader and so far so good. Its crazy being called a zone leader with 2 districts ahead of me, but our BRanch president, said that i was a unanimous desicion from the Lord. So i guess im qualified. It has been a crazy week, trying to figure out what all my responsibilites are, but im getting the hang of it. I can't remember if I told you, but i watched Pres. Hinkcley's last talk this past week, and was great. I also watched Joesph B. Worthlins last talk as well, "Come what may, and love it" (GREAT Talk). It sounds like everything is going great at home. I'm glad Hillary is feeling better and I pray for the babies every night. Dad, im glad you had a good , but busy, sunday, i love sundays in la CCM. Its the most spiritual part of the week. yesterday, i sang in the MTC choir for the devotional. We sang an arrangement of "Come thou Fount" it was called "blessings" it went great. Bishop Richard G. Edgely spoke on going to work. The spirit taught me that, "if you touch one life, you will touch the lives of many" My spanish is coming along slowly but surely. Its frustrating sometimes but im working. We have a new distrcit coming in this week and i get to orientate them, so that will be fun. I'm good, just pushing through "walls" everyday and fighting the exhaustion, but i can tell everyday that im blessed. I can tell if i work hard during the day if i fall asleep quickly at night, so thats waht i shoot for. Oh, some one picked up my columbia jacket at Gym, so im without a jacket. Will you next day my A&M jacket, its kind of cold in UTah!!! Gracias. Well thats all the time i have, the computers are messing up! o, mail me the ultrasound pics, i cant open pics here! Gracias!!

Elder pequeno

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