Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 7 Email

Week 7 - March 17, 2010

hola familia

sorry for the no caps or anything...the keyboard i am using is terrible. pues....i guess i wil answer your questions first.

1. we haven't gotten our travel plans yet, they are supposed to come tmw, but we asked the travel office and they said that we are leaving on the 30th. so a week longer, but thats ok..the extra time here wont hurt me.

2. they're 2 elders and 2 sisters that are going to san diego also. the elders are 2 of my really good friends, but not so much the hermanas. there are 2 others hermanas that are going to the oakland temple visitor center and im way good friends with them, but they are here an extra week because of visitor center training.

3. i get a lot of mail. probably 2nd or 3rd most in the district. my favorite package came today, i got yalls tape. i was rewinding it and i got sad because at first i didnt recognize dad's voice hahaha. i also got the "green" package last week, which was way cool. you have passed adam for the most letters hahah felicitaciones

entonces, i will start with my email. last wednesday was good, went to the temple and did iniatories sp? and that was way good and i had a great feeling afterwards. that night, me and another elder in my district taught our teacher as an investigator on his mission and we did a great job. thrusday and friday were jsut regualr days, nothing big happened. saturday was the best (insert 12 exclamation points). me and elder bean taught the first lesson in the trc in spanish. the scenarioi was that we contacted an aethiest and had to teach her the first lesson. we (me, elder bean, and the spirit) did great. we taught her how nuestro padre celestial nos ama mucho y nos quiere ser feliz. by the end of the lesson, we committed her to to read the bible and the book of mormon, specifically the sermon on the mount and 3 nefi cap. 14-17 or so. it was great. sunday was the usual great day. i love sundays, they are definitely my favorite day here at the ccm. monday was great as well. we have meetings called lgm where we learn about different aspects of missionary work. this week we learned about using the book of mormon. we had a scenario where a man did everything in his branch. he was the clerk, blessed and passed la santa cena and spoke every sunday. he came to the missionaries and told them he couldnt do it anymore because his family wont come anymore and they dont think the church is true. we (the missionaries) as to help him by just using the book of mormon. i was chosen to stand up in front of the meeting (probably about 100 missionaries) and teach this man. i used ether 12:6 to talk about trials of faith and then asked him if the he trusted god and he said he did, and i read with him mosiah 4:9 and told him we cant comprehend god's mind and everything will work out. the teacher siad it was great and he almost cried during my testimony. it was great. before i went up there, i wasnt sure if i was going to be abkle to do this and i thought my knowledge of the bom was sketchy. but agter i sat down, i heard a clear voice in my head and this is what he told me. "be confident in your knowledge of the book of mormon. you can teach anyone, english or spanish. open your mouth, and i will speak through you. i will help you." i started crying almost, because i was enveloped by the spirit. one of the best experiences of my life. last night, it happened again. elder quentin l. cook came and spoke and i received more revelation. i had the overwhelming feeling that i was in the right place at the right time. and thats excatly what elder cook said later in his talk. well i have to run and finsih my laundry, but i will write a letter with more. i sure do love yall and i will get to talk to you in 13 days (insert exclamation marks here) loveyal alot o les amo mucho mucho mucho.

hasta el treinta de marzo

elder pequeno

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