Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 8 - March 24, 2010

Hola familia.

Primero, las respuetas para sus preguntas.

1. I am leaving the MTC at 5 am on tuesday and my flight leaves SLC at 8. Entonces, I'll call you sometime between those hours and talk for as long as i can. I met some other missionaries that are going with me and my district, they are way chill!

2. I feel excited/nervous to take the next step. Yesterday, i feel like the devotional was a tender mercy for me. The mtc choir sang "Be Still My Soul", and i lost it. I was crying like un chiquita. And the speaker, Elder lynn Robbins, wife spoke on leaving and fear. Elder Robbins talked about the importance of the spirit. And in our district devo review, the opening song was Abide With Me. When I prayed last night, i thanked the lord and told him i got the memo. Don't worry, its just like coming into the MTc. I'll hope off the plane and give my new companero a "Ross Little hug"

3.My favorite part of the MTC has been this week. This week is our "power week". We go around and teach as many people as we can. Mis maestros told us taht we had to teach people outside of our zone. This has helped immensely. It's just like the field. We have to contanct them and set up appts and teach. So far, i have 2 investigators with a baptismal date, 2 that accepted a baptismal committment and 2 that our one spiritual confirmation away from baptism. I freaking love missionary work. But, like i said, its not me, its the Spirit.

Well, The rest of this week ahs been great. I had some sturggles with elder bean, just because he leaves monday and is more stressed/scared than i am, but we are doing great now,. Everyone is nervous, but me and some other elders try to keep the mood chill in the room. Sunday was yet another great day, we had our district pres. come and talked with us, it was great. Sunday temple walk was awesome and me and elder bean contacnt 11 companionships and we are in the process of teaching them. Everything is great here. This week is just teaching teach teaching. And i love it. I sent dad a letter this week about the MPC so yall can expect one there.

I got to saw Elder CRAGUN (the elder you keep asking me about). I talked to him in spanish for a while and it was chill. He is doing great and told me to tell yall hi.

Well, thats it for now. I think i get to email on monday. Thats another p day for me. I'll talk to yall in 6 days!!!! Estoy muy muy animados para hablar con ustedes.

Elder little

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