Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 6 Email

Week 6 - March 10, 2010

Hola Familia.

Estoy muy animado porque esta semana es mi seis semana. Entonces, tengo 3 semanas en la CCM. Translation: I'm very excited because this is week 6 which means i have 3 more weeks in the MTC. We are here for 9 weeks. Well, lets see. Last wednesday was another great day at the Temple. We did another session and the feeling was strong once again. I prayed that i would feel comforted about my responsibilities as zone leader and i was. Thursday and friday were just regualr days. Saturday was our first lesson in spanish. We were supposed to teach Lesson 1, but we decided to get to know our investigator. The scenario was that she had met with the missionaries before, but stopped meeting with them because she was "busy" but she still went to church. Also, she signed up to have lunch with the missionaries, but they were transferred out and we were transferred in. So we "went to lunch" and asked her if we could come by later and talk to her more about the church. So we did. We started asking her questions, all of this is in spanish, and i asked her why she stopped meeting with the missionaries (sometimes you just have to be blunt). She said that she loved meeting with them, but her boyfriend was always busy and didn't want to have anythign to do with the missionaries. So i asked her how she felt about what the missionaries were teaching her, and she said that she felt great and she wanted to be baptized, but her boyfriend and her lived together and he didnt want to get married. Entonces, we taught her about having faith and about how important it is to follow the example of Jesucristo and be baptized. I asked her if she had talked with her boyfriend about her feelings and she said he just didnt really care and like things the way they were. They had been together for 5 years. I bore my testimony of tyhe importances of families and baptism to her and she said that she was feeling great about it. We committed her to baptism and we committed her to read matt 5 and 3 Nefi cap 11 ver 31-the end of the chapter w/ her boyfirend. She said that she would, and i told her that if she would pray and ask El Senor to be with her when she talked to her bf, her boyfriend would realize how important this is to her and would change. She asked us to come back and visit with her and her boyfriend on sunday hahaha Man i wish this was real. Well, thats all for saturday. Sunday was great as usual. Monday, i started feeling sick in the morning and was way sick by the end of the night, i didnt even want to talk at all. I took some medicine monday night and ive been feeling great since. I just had some sinus headaches and a little migraine. But everything is great now. How is everything at home? I hope it is great. I got my jacket! Thanks! i will send the receipt home in my letter today. The spanish is going ok. You know me, i always feel like what i know isnt enough but i guess that keeps me going. glad that yall enjoyed the tape, ill try to make another one soon. It just depends on how much time i have at night. Puessss, I guess that is all for now. I need some more gel and shampoo if you want to send me that, but thats really the only specifics. I've been loving getting packages everyday...I LOVE MAIL!! hahaha Well i guess thats it. I love you and tell everyone that i love them too. Oh and yeah i do get to call you at the airport, so i will get to talk to yall in like 3 weeks!! get excited! Love yall!

Elder Pequeno

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